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I got my grade on the written English, 5. And I'm, naturally, devastated. I do not deserve that, not at all. Unless I take the exam again, or file a successful complaint, my hopes of getting into a respectable English university to study English just evaporated. What shall I do?

A complaint will most likely not be sustained, and I can't take the exam again if I plan on applying to Norwegian universities. I can't graduate with a 5 I'm not deserving of. (I know I sound terribly conceited, but English is the one thing I have a talent for, beyond reasonable doubt.) To quote myself earlier, we're not just screwed, we're FUBAR. - Us being Gina and me, she, too, got an undeserved 5 in English.

Why are artisans so disgusting? Does learning to handle a hammer or wrench encompass being deprived of all manners? Do they simply lack manners from birth, or is their behaviour a result of society's expectations? They whistle, they roll down car-windows, they comment, wave, grin; they do everything short of drooling. Why are they so bloody unrefined?

And I'm buying a Lolita Lempicka perfume, called, in fact, "Lolita Lempicka". You can all have a look at it here, the clickable link.

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