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I love precedents! I get to take a green book full of important court decisions to the exam, and I plan for it to be my rescue. (Norway does not practice common law, but we have aspects of it, hence the precedents. Come to think of it, the judicial branch would be powerless without it.)

I experienced the kind of moment that, when I see it on film, makes me groan. At work, of course, the day I wore a short dress and sandals. I kneeled to fetch a pen from the supply cupboard, and as I took the box out to find the right pen, the bottom went out. A new employee came out of the copy room, saw me and rushed over to help. He's around my age, looks like he does not belong at the literature department. 'Clutz', he said. 'No! I'm not clumsy, the bottom of the box gave out. That can't be my fault?' I said. We reached for the same pen, our hands brushed and we withdrew them. We reached for the same pen again, and again, and he grinned just as sheepishly as I did. He got up first, and reached out to steady me. If it were on film I'd groan and complain that the director is an idiot, it's so cliché, it never happens in real life.

Grünerløkka feels nothing like the rest of Oslo. The buildings are old pastels, we have sidewalk cafés, independent shops and parks around each corner. In the mornings it feels like Oslo in the height of summer, when it is only the natives left because everyone else has left for sun elsewhere.
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