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The weather turned from cool, clear blue skies to slate grey and pouring rain this morning, and I'm inside writing. There are leaves falling everywhere, there's snow falling in the mountains, the dog came in with my brother looking like a muddy monster and we had to turn the ovens on to keep the house warm. I considered going to the library at University, but it's apparently closed on Sundays, and the weather deterred me. So I'm in the corner of the sofa, looking out at my realm of paper. Right now I'm trying to find a post-it I wrote two weeks ago, about fragments in The Wasteland (the lecturer insists we italicise the title, I'm not convinced, but I'll pretend). And I'm planning what I'll wear to Synne's birthday party this weekend, which is more difficult than it sounds. Black dress, pink dress, blue dress? Which black dress, what shoes? I can't wear anything too fancy, we're going out, and someone always spills at least one drink over either my dress or shoes. I also promised the hostess I wouldn't look to 'scary'; she said I scared one of her friends to death last time he saw me. I don't know what to think of that, I don't think I'm all that formidable, frankly. I'll just laugh at their bad jokes and not say anything opinionated.

What do you do to avoid boredom on Sundays?

When did LJ add the option to 'add media'?

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