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So, if I get into law (well, when, I hope, I just hope it isn't spring admission), I have five more years of essays to write, method to indoctrinate, lecturers to flirt into amicability, and a coffee addiction to battle. I'm not worried about the lecturers (the only ones I haven't been able to charm are the linguists, and they can't count), I'll have a PhD in Essay Writing, but the coffee will be my downfall. Ay, me!

I am finally turning my Dickens thesis into a coherent narrative, stripped of my 'shorthand'. I have a developing sense of a conclusion, and since the rain is coming down like machine-gun fire, I have no need to feel bad about not jogging.

June 1 I get to sit a New Norwegian exam. Have a look at the linked Wikipedia page: New Norwegian is a constructed written standard that is actually in use. Though most of us use Bokmål, we're all forced to learn it. Alongside Chemistry, it is one of the things I am really, really awful at. I tend to write Swedish instead of New Norwegian. Re-taking the stupid thing was such a brilliant idea, hah. I'll just go make more coffee and laugh at how I ever thought this was a good idea.

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