Oct. 10th, 2012

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Oct. 10th, 2012 09:03 pm
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Picking up where I left of, a summary of the past few days.

Friday last week was all red wine and filmsOn Saturday I tried to read, stared out the window and realised that there was no way constitutional democracy could keep me inside. So I went out to enjoy the day instead. I bought flowers for Synne (a birthday present), had coffee with Ingebjørg, before I rushed home to make dinner and change into a party-appropriate dress. We celebrated Synne's birthday, went out to dance, had too many drinks, lost our bags and jackets in a corner, moaned about idiot men, and danced till our feet were sore and we couldn't anymore.

I was hungover on Sunday. But invited Father over for pizza, so Anton (the family dog) could get used to staying in my flat. I was at the dentist's for a filling on Monday, and spent the rest of the day reading. Tuesday I met Anette for lunch, before the lecture on 'Fiction and Film'; it was long-winded and terrible this week, so Marion and I escaped early, and went for greasy burgers and fries.

Today I've tried to untangle my thoughts about knowledge in Paradise Lost, which got me nowhere. I have to write an essay about it, so at some points it will have to come together. If all else fails I'll call Kristine, and we will drink and write. I should have gone to the university library to do research, but went for a hot chocolate and a walk in the park instead. Ah, priorities.

And since I've added so many new people, it feels appropriate to add a photo from Saturday. Me, with a light-up mohawk at Synne's party behind the cut.
The mohawk )

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