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☇ Take four books off your bookshelf.
☇ Write the first sentence
☇ Write the last sentence on page fifty
☇ Write the second sentence on page one hundred
☇ Write the next to the last sentence on page one hundred fifty
☇ Write the final sentence of the book
☇Let your friends guess what book it is.

Stolen from [ profile] basje

Book 1
- Michaelmas Term lately over, and the Lord Chancellor sitting in Lincoln's Inn Hall.

- 'No distance,' said Mr Guppy; 'round in Thavies' Inn, you know.'

- Would you be so kind as to allow me (as I may say) to file a declaration – to make an offer!'

- Ada and Richard were lingering for a few moments by the fire, wondering whether Mrs Jellyby had yet finished her dictation for the day, when Mr Jarndyce, who had been out of the room, returned.

- But I know that my dearest little pets are very pretty, and that my darling is very beautiful, and that my husband is very handsome, and that my guardian has the brightest and most benevolent face that ever was seen; and that they can very well do without much beauty in me – even supposing –.

Book 2
- For a man of his age, fifty-two, divorced, he has, to his mind, solved the problem of sex rather well.

- We fail in our duty if we are not crystal clear in our minds, and if we do not make it crystal clear in our recommendations, what Professor Lurie is being censured for.'

- His wife is dead, his children have gone back to Germany, he is the only one left in Africa.

- Well, let poor Bev Shaw go home and do some singing too.

- 'Yes, I am giving him up.'

Book 3

- For a long time I would go to bed early.

- Then they start and tremble, they call us by our name, and as soon as we have recognised them the spell is broken.

- If some misfortune comes to him, it is only one small section of the complete idea we have of him that we are capable of feeling any emotion; indeed it is only one small section of the complete idea he has of himself that he is capable of feeling any emotion either.

- "You admit yourself that he appears there at church quite simply dressed and all that; he hardly looks like a man of fasion."

- And with the old, intermittent caddishness which reappeared in him when he was no longer unhappy and his moral standards dropped accordingly, he exclaimed to himself: "To think that I've wasted years of my life, that I've longed to die, that I've experienced my greatest love, for a woman who didn't appeal to me, who wasn't even my type!"

Book 4

- The play – for which Briony had designed the posters, programmes and tickets, constructed the sales booth out of a folding screen tipped on its side, and lined the collection box in red crêpe paper – was written by her in a two-day tempest of composition, causing her to miss a breakfast and lunch.

- They terrified the ten-year old Celia and her twelve-year-old brother, and a giggling fit was always just a breath away.

- Between the beds was a broad damp stain on the carpet in the centre of which lay a bar of soap and damp wads of lavatory paper.

- This ghost had been summoned not by Lolita imitating Hermione, or the inscrutable twins disappearing into the night.

- But now I must sleep.

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